1st ACIP Workshop: Neuroestimulation Modeling


During the morning of May 20, the first workshop of our millennium nucleus, Neurostimulation Modeling, was held. In this instance, it allowed the meeting of our researchers and students around the area of ​​neurostimulation.

The activity was carried out remotely, which allowed the participation of international exhibitors such as Brian Howell (Duke University), Irina Pettersson (Chalmers University of Technologie) and Faouzi Triki (Grenoble Alpes University) and also national Romulo Fuentes (University of Chile).

The day’s welcome was given by our director Eduardo Cerpa, who made known the Millennium Nucleus ACIP, the goals that it has and highlighted the importance of this activity as the first organized by the project to then give way to the exhibitions.

Each of our guests presented his research, all of them related to neuroscience, experimental or theoretical. An important part was the instance for questions and discussion of ideas about what was presented.

This is the first in a series of 3 workshops that focus on the main areas of study of our Millennium Nucleus ACIP.