3nd ACIP Workshop : Cardio Reconstruction MRI


During the morning of Thursday, July 22, the “Cardiac Reconstruction MRI” workshop was held, where our researchers and guests presented their work in the area of ​​cardiac magnetic resonance imaging.

Within the presentations we can highlight the variety of research carried out on this topic, ranging from the theoretical to the experimental.
Among the speakers we have PhD. Evelyn Cueva, post-doctoral researcher of our nucleus and her theoretical work on the physics of cardiac magnetic resonance images and the researcher of our project PhD. René Botnar with the use of cardiac images for the study of cardiovascular diseases.

As for the international guests, we have PhD. Gastao Cruz (King’s College London) and PhD. Thomas Küstner (University Tübingen) who in their presentations combined MRI with the development of inverse problems and machine learning respectively.

The organization of the workshop was in charge of the researchers, PhD. Claudia Prieto (PUC) and PhD. Axel Osses (UCh). With this activity, the ACIP Workshop cycle ends and whose main objective was to create an instance of encounter between the members of the Millennium Nucleus ACIP, researchers and students, as well as national and international guests related to the nucleus’ research areas to promote collaborations and interdisciplinary work.