2nd ACIP Workshop: Adaptive Optics

Precisely on July 5, 2021, the second of the workshops organized by the Millennium Nucleus ACIP took place where the main topic was Adaptive Optics (AO). National and international speakers participated along with ACIP researchers who shared on different aspects of the subject.

Clémentine Béchet, alternate director of ACIP and part of the organization of the workshop, highlights the mix between introductory presentations and other more specific ones, which provided a broad vision of the subject. Andrés Guesalaga, ACIP researcher and co-organizer of the activity, comments on the importance of these meetings, which allow us to know not only what is done at the international level but also the work that is done at the national level in different universities. This allows for better planning of future collaborations.

Both agree that the development of AA in Chile goes hand in hand with the formation of human capital. In this sense, C. Béchet highlights the broad participation of students and postdocs in the workshop. It is an important event in their training, giving them privileged access to interact with the exhibitors. It is important that, thanks to these students and young people, larger work groups can be formed in Chile. This allows participation in more projects already under development and the creation of new ones.

Regarding the next steps in this area within the ACIP, Professor A. Guesalaga tells us that “the Millennium Nucleus ACIP has started a joint work with the Marseille Astronomical Laboratory in France, where our master’s student Francisco Oyarzún will join a mutual PUC-LAM project related to the development of new pyramidal wavefront sensors. We hope that the student will stay in France for 2 months from December of this year ”. For his part, Professor C. Béchet mentioned that the ACIP should participate in the international workshop “Wavefront Sensing in the ELT Era”, organized locally in 2021 by Professor Esteban Vera from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso.

We recall that this activity corresponds to the cycle of 3 workshops focused on the main research areas of the Millennium Nucleus ACIP, where the first of these was in Neurostimulation, which was held on May 20. To end this cycle, the deep learning Heart Imaging Reconstruction Workshop will take place on July 22.